Fig. 1 CQubed target markets

CQubed’s projects and businesses are focused within three key markets that are defining China’s current and future growth – Consumer Markets, Education and Digital Media.

CQubed positions business ventures for Consumer Markets dominated by products and services. We create consumer products, food and beverage products, and retail products.1 Within this industry we put a high-focus on managing and designing brand loyalty models to ensure the future popularity of our products and services.

1Take a look at Arnaud for an example of one of the unique consumer driven businesses we have built in Southwest China.

We at CQubed believe in the value of quality Education and China presents a need and opportunity for growth in this area. We create educational tools, applications, training programmes, exchange programmes, curricula and institutional facilities.2 Through quality experiential learning, we put the student at the centre for inspired growth and development.

2Enchanted English is one project that demonstrates our commitment to the improvement of language learning for early years students in Chongqing.

Digital Media plays an integral role in everything that we do at CQubed, influencing both Consumer Markets and Education and ensuring that design and technology are placed at the forefront of our businesses.
Yet digital media also represents its own important and independent market with China now the largest in the world for internet and mobile phone usage.3 We are therefore excited to be investing in projects that are innovating in this fast growing field.4

3KaKaGoGo is a unique web-based lifestyle guide bringing citizens of Chongqing suggestions for the best cafés and restaurants in the city.

4See We Are Social’s report ‘Social, Digital & Mobile in 2014’.